14 Days of Summer Fortnite

Updates / Thursday, June 27th, 2019

The content update v9.30 which just went live servers have brought a new event that will last for 14 days. As you can understand from the name of it, 14 Days of Summer, is out in celebration of summer. The event is not only available now on Fortnite Battle Royale but also in Save the World as well. Here is what you’re going to see with this brand new event.

Save the World

A new quest will be available every day to help Homebase host the hottest summer party around. Once you get done with quests, you will have enough there will be lots of free rewards waiting for you in the store. Completing quests will grant you Summer Tickets, these tickets are a brand new currency exclusive to the event where you can spend in the store.

If you participate in the event for 14 days straight without missing any quest, you will be rewarded with a new explosive weapon!

Battle Royale

Although there aren’t as many rewards as mentioned above, Fortnite Battle Royale will be more fun with 14 days of summer. Here is what you will be seeing with this event:

  • A weapon unvaulted for 24 hours.
  • New outfits in the Item Shop.
  • A daily challenge and free rewards.
  • A new LTM rotation
    • Heavy Metal Squads
    • Storm Chasers: Surfin Squads
    • Splashdown Squads
    • Power Up Solos
    • Leave None Behind Duos
    • Use With Care Duos
    • Headshots Duos
    • Tank Battle Squads
    • Builders Paradise Squads
    • Wick’s Bounty Duos
    • Arsenal Solos
    • Rumble Squads
    • Loadout Swap Squads
    • Strategic Structures Squads

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