Fortnite Account Generators

Game / Thursday, December 13th, 2018

For those of you who are day-dreaming about generating an account from the web for Fortnite should forget that account generators exist. There have more cases of information theft regarding websites that claim to give you a working account generator than any type of cheat/hack. The only way for account generators to actually work is the way creators of it follow. First, they ask for your email and password and go from there and add it to their own database. From there they share your account with other people while you get another person’s account who has done the same as you. It’s a very simple method to keep circulation.

There are many YouTubers who also claim that they have found a working account generator. These generators get their accounts the way we just explained and should not be taken seriously. None of these so-called ‘generators’ will generate you an account without asking your own email and password.

We highly recommend that you stay away from any websites and programs titled Fortnite Account Generator. Also, keep in mind that account sharing and trading is against the Epic Games policies thus, it can lead to the ban of your main account.

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