Best Settings for Fortnite

Game, Support / Saturday, January 12th, 2019

When it comes to Fortnite, FPS and overall quality of the game is very crucial since even a split second can mean your death or the sweet Victory Royale. You can adjust your graphics settings in-game from the settings. Try setting everything one step lower from what it is now. After lowering and reaching the desired FPS, you should keep it the way it is to prevent any FPS fluctuation.

If you play on a low-end PC that seems to be struggling while running Fortnite, we have some solutions for you. We have covered a topic for low-end PC’s to increase FPS. Even if you have a PC from the early 2010s, you still can run Fortnite without any major drop in FPS. Click the link down to visit Increased FPS Guide.

How to Increase Fortnite FPS

The settings stated in the above link applies to players who want to improve both graphics quality and FPS. We can assure you that after following the steps, you will get a minimum of 40% increase in overall FPS.

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