Fortnite Camel Location

Season, Support / Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Last week of Season 6 kicked off with the weekly challenges. One particular part that players were having trouble is the location of the camel. In order to complete the three-part challenge, players had to locate and visit the Viking Ship, Camel, and a crashed Battle Bus. Although most weekly challenges are very straightforward, this one was a bit confusing for players as the locations of each objective wasn’t known at first. It took a lot of tries and matches for players to find out about the locations and share it with the fellow players. Some were obvious like the Viking Ship as it was located in the Viking Village. But other was such as Camel and crashed Battle Bus was a bit harder to find compared to the Viking Ship. We included the locations in the picture below. You can check the stars to get to the locations. 

Deserts are the natural habitat for camels in real life. So for that reason, Camel is obviously in the desert area of the map. You can find it in the most southwest part of the desert wearing a red trucker hat and drinking a big soda. It is usually around the Truck N Oasis gas station and very easy to find once you get there. On the other hand, crashed Battle Bus is in the exact southwest of Lazy Links. This one is also very easy to spot as there is a long stretched dirt in the ground just like what would happen with a flying object crashing in the ground and drift. To learn more about the Weekly Challenges in Fortnite you can click the link below to redirect to our article covering this topic.