Season / Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Fortnite offers so much more than just the traditional battle royale experience. There are LTM’s(Limited Time Mode), Weekly Challenges, Battle Pass Challenges, and a few other playable that come every once in a while. We covered LTM’s in of our earlier posts but in this article, we will purely focus on the challenges you may face in Fortnite. There are two types of challenges in Fortnite. They come out as you might guess, weekly and daily.

Each week there are new challenges being added to the game granting players Battle Stars. As this is crucial for the progress in the Battle Pass, challenges are very important and should never be underestimated in terms of value that it gives. When we consider 10 Battle Stars equals to 1 level in the Battle Pass, both weekly and daily challenges are a must do for every player who wants to progress in the Battle Pass.

Weekly challenges are mostly more about the things that exist in the map. While the daily challenges are generated randomly that asks you to kill an enemy with a specific weapon, getting a specific rank in a certain game mode, etc. Fortnite players are able to gain 50 Battle Stars from the weekly challenges each week. This makes it possible for them to unlock 5 levels in the Battle Pass without breaking much sweat.

Other than weekly and daily challenges, there was an even challenge for the first anniversary of Fortnite. This event was on July 24th, completing all three challenges rewarded players with Birthday Cake back bling. These three challenges included,

  • Play 14 matches
  • Deal 1000 damage to opponents.
  • Dance at 10 different birthday cakes.

So far new and more exciting challenges are being added every week and day. We highly recommend completing these especially if you purchased the Battle Pass and want to progress fast.

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