Updates / Thursday, December 27th, 2018

The Carnival Clown Boards have been a part of Fortnite for a while now but only become part of a challenge. Just like Shooting Range Gallery Range Challenge and Clay Pigeon Shooters, this challenge has the same kind of scoreboard we have seen before. The only difference Carnival Clown Boards has is that players have to complete the challenge with a pickaxe instead of gunning down. This challenge rolled out on Thanksgiving day. Rules of the challenge are very simple yet hard to accomplish. Board of the challenge says ”Get a score of 10 or more on different Carnival Clown Board”

Players can find the clown boards in the locations below.

  • Junk Junction
  •  Flush Factory 
  • Lucky Landing
  • Lonely Lodge
  • Paradise Palms 

Each Clown Board has 10 holes where balloons will randomly inflate, filling in one or more holes. Fortnite players have to pop at least 10 of these balloons in just one go. The hardest part of this challenge is the incoming fire from the enemy players. Since players have to do it by using the pickaxe, they become vulnerable to it. Especially when we consider the fact that players have to get three of them out of only five locations that they exist. 

Along with this weekly challenge we got ourselves some clown skins. Peekaboo and Nite Nite skins can be bought from the store for 1500 V-Bucks each. Although the theme might a little scary for some, popping balloons while avoiding enemies is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with Fortnite. 

Peekaboo Skin
Nite Nite Skin