Fortbyte 80 – Bunker Basher

Gameplay / Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Season 9 is full of Fortbytes that needs to be completed on a daily basis if you don’t want to miss out on any. The latest one amongst them is the Fortbyte #80 with the clue of ”accessible by using the bunker bash pickaxe to smash the rock at the highest point of the volcano rim”. While the hint we have is a little bit longer than usual ones but it provides just enough information for us to collect it.

First off, you want to get your hands on the Bunker Jonesey’s Bunker Basher pickaxe. If you’re wondering on how don’t worry. It is unlocked at Tier 28 of Season 9 Battle Pass and even Free Pass holders can unlock this piece of pickaxe too but Fortbytes are only available if you’ve purchased Battle Pass.

To collect number 80, you need to head to the head over to the southern part of the volcano where there is a leak. The exact point is on the northeast lip in grid square H3. That is where the highest point is located at right with Pressure Plant, the new location in its center.

Get there and smash the rock, there is only one so it’s highly visible to the eye.

Stay tuned for more Fortbyte guides, we update the pages once there is a new one being unlocked!