Fortnite Account Merge

Game / Friday, June 14th, 2019

Fortnite Account Merge was recently introduced to help players who want to merge multiple accounts into one across different platforms. It’s easy to use and works simple but takes around two to three weeks to transfer all of the cosmetics, progress, and other items to your primary account. Although it’s an exciting thing to combine all the progress all your accounts into a single one, there are some requirements and things you should know before doing so.

The first and the biggest requirement is that all of the accounts that you want to take part in the account merge process must be played on before September 28, 2018. If you want to merge an account that has a cool skin from way back in Season 4 and you haven’t played since then, we’re sorry but it can’t be merged into your primary account.

Other requirements for account merging include

  • All accounts that you want it to be merged must not be banned or disabled
  • You must have access to all the e-mail addresses and 2fa verifications of all the accounts that you want to merge.
  • Third party logins like Facebook or Google+ must be unlinked on all accounts.

Once everything is set and done, you can merge your accounts from As mentioned above, there are a few things that you should know before starting the two-week-long process. Support-A-Creator status, progress in Creative Islands, Save the World account level, and Unreal Marketplace items will not merge to your primary account from the secondary account.

Note: Fortnite Account Merge has been disabled by Epic Games before the launch of Season 9 on May 6. You can check out Epic Games article on it from here.

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