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News / Monday, July 29th, 2019

Fortnite World Cup has just ended and the very first winner of the tournament is Kyle’Bugha‘Giersdorf. A 16-year old from the U.S. who plays for Sentinels. He nearly doubled the second place point by taking 59 points after a long six rounds of very intense competition.

Bugha opened the World Cup solos with a win and it gave him a huge lead, placing him it at first spot with 10 points but didn’t do so well in the second match, dying in the early stages of the game. By the rules, eliminations kind of worth more points so he did the logical thing and got as many eliminations as he could. Even in the last game, he managed to place into top 10 with its aggressive playstyle, taking one player at a time and it was assured that victory was secured.

He took home the ultimate prize, a mind-boggling $3,000,000 and he doesn’t even have to share it with anyone. It is by far the biggest amount given to any player in the history of e-sports. Bugha deserves it because he definitely proved the world that he is the best Fortnite player.

You can watch his play from the World Cup Finals Day 3 video above. We set the time to the end where he claims his victory so you don’t have to look for it! Stay tuned for more Fortnite competitive news.

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