Fortnite Fortbyte Challenge

Game, Gameplay / Monday, May 13th, 2019

Another Fortnite Season has come to an end and we got ourselves the in-game additions but what about one of the most interesting and perhaps the most confusing thing we got in Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortbyte.

It is the biggest Fortnite challenge we got so far in the game with a total of 100 challenges. The challenges require a lot of time and effort. Let alone the challenges itself, it’s even harder to unlock the challenges in Fortbyte. To be able to unlock most of the challenges in Fortbyte, you need to get to certain tiers in the Battle Pass and therefore to successfully complete the challenges in Fortbyte, you need to obtain Battle Pass first.

Although you need to do some work to unlock the challenges, some of the challenges will unlock itself over time so you won’t have to worry about those XP gains and match rankings all the time. At first glance, it may look a little confusing but once you have the Battle Pass and progress through Fortbyte, everything will be easier. As we mentioned above, most of the Fortbyte challenges will be unlocked depending on your Battle Pass tier but some of these challenges can be unlocked through actually going out in the world and finding the Fortbytes in certain locations.

Since Fortbyte is something new, there isn’t much information about where are all the Fortbytes out on the island but here are a few that you may find yourself easily. Fortbytes can be acquired in Frozen Island and Fatal Fields.

Fatal Island Fortbite Location #24

Fatal Island is one of the smallest locations in the Fortnite Battle Royale island. Once you get to the location, just head over to the largest house that can be seen while on your landing. Fortbyte hides in upstairs. At the end of the hall, you will see an art room on the right side. The Fortbyte is located between the desk and easel.

Frozen Fields Fortbite Location #36

Just a heads up, if you don’t have the Sentinel Skin, you can not get this Fortbyte. However, you can unlock it by purchasing the Season 9 Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks. It is one of the two skins that you will get from the purchase. Head over to your inventory, equip it, and jump into any regular match and get to the Frozen Island. When you get there, move your way to the southernmost part of the island and you will see a prompt saying that the Fortbyte is locked since you have the Sentinel skin, it will be unlocked for you to be obtained.