Fortnite is a Lame Game?

Game / Thursday, February 15th, 2018

When you have something as popular as Fortnite in your hands, it binds you to have many haters just like any other song, movie, book, etc. Many people aware of the popularity of Fortnite criticized it for being cartoony, lame and full of kids. Although that last part may be true considering the huge younger audience in Fortnite. But mostly, criticism came towards Fortnite for being lame. And it brings us once again how popular Fortnite is. Sure, there will be many people that don’t understand why Fortnite is so popular and hate when people talk about it so widely but when it is the most played videogame of 2018, anybody would expect to hear about it.

Many people also think that marketing strategies of Fortnite bring a lot of unnecessary hype and people that are aware of those marketings like Drake playing Fortnite like an ordinary person and people praising Fortnite for it might stick out to some. While some people think battle royale genre is lame and boring they directly blame Fortnite for it. PUBG might have started to rising of the genre but it’s clear that Fortnite carried to the top thus, people might hate battle royale genre because of Fortnite. There is no obvious reason for people hating and calling Fortnite lame but there will always be a reason for hatred as long as the person dislikes the game.