Fortnite New Update v9.21 – Proximity Grenade Launcher

Updates / Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Another Fortnite Battle Royale Patch Notes has just released by Epic Games. Unlike the previous update, v9.10, this update brought a new weapon and an LTM to the game.


The latest Limited Time Mode of Fortnite is going to be Horde Rush. It’s a 4 player co-op LTM. As you can understand from the title of it, players must survive the never-ending hordes! Gather your friends and rack up your score by finding hidden score multipliers, looting from special chests, eliminating as many monsters as you can, and take down the Final Boss to win the LTM!

Keep in mind that Horde Rush isn’t available at the moment due to some issues with Epic Games.

New Weapon Proximity Grenade Launcher

This new grenade launcher is already similar to the existing one in the game but it is so much more advanced that you can get the upper hand so quickly!

Proximity Grenade Launcher fires up a bouncing grenade that explodes when in the proximity of an opponent. It is semi-automatic so you can spam it when you need to but it fires only 0.65 shots per second. Now since the grenade that comes out of this thing only deals damage instantly when an enemy is near, it produces 67/70 damage depending on the rarity which is Epic and Legendary.

Along with these additions, a few tweaks happened to the game that include

  • Shiel Potion availability increased to 12.09% from 11.3%.
  • Small Shield Potion availability increased to 18.13% from 16.95%.
  • Increased the chance to find Shotguns from Floor Loot to 9.77% from 8.50%.
  • Mounted Turret availability increased from floor loot to 0.46% from 0.59%.
  • Infantry Rifle Epic and Legendary variants availability from floor loot increased to 0.105% to 0.067% and from chest loot to