Fortnite Season 10 Theme

Updates / Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10 is right at the door and the servers are currently on downtime, meaning that we only got a few hours before the next season officially kicks in. The biggest of Season 9 brought the game an orb that contains some sort of energy. When it was grabbed by the Pressure Plant robot to destroy the giant monster, the orb created a shockwave that was visible in the sky. All of these sound cool and all but what’s the Season 10 theme?

From what we see in the trailer, the orb has the ability to interact with the time and it created some sort of a time tunnel. At the end of it, “Out of Time” message is displayed. Now trying to understand what this all means is going to be something really hard since Season 10 hasn’t officially been launched yet. As far as the Season 10 theme goes, it definitely will feature things related to time. Perhaps we could even control time with items that are coming with the patch update.

Currently, the servers are down and there is still a couple of hours to go before the update goes live. Stay tuned in the meantime to find out everything about Fortnite Battle Royale Season X!