Fortnite Season 11 Countdown

Season / Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

Season 9 may have been extended for the big launch for Season X but we can’t say the same for Season 11 since there is now less than a month left for the release even though we’re in Week 3. This can easily be linked to what Epic wants to do next for Fortnite Battle Royale. Ever since it was launched way back in 2017, Halloween has been a huge part of the title with a Battle Pass heavily inspired by it and multiple events that brought something new to the game.

Season 11 is set to be launched on October 7 if the Battle Pass doesn’t get extended which is highly unlikely as mentioned above but it’s Epic Games and we never know. So approximately 60 days are left for the next seasonal launch at the time of writing this post.

Most of the fan theories that are hanging around suggest that we will see the meteor crashing to the island and resulting in the destruction of the whole map but fan-theories like this always have been out just like volcanic eruption we’ve seen back in Season 8 but of course, a meteor crash would have more devastating results but still, it probably never will happen. After all, coming up with a brand new map would have would require a lot of work and the community may not like this new approach.

If you want to be informed with the countdown for Season 11 all the time, you can check out our newest posts where we detail how many days are left for the start date. Stay tuned!