Fortnite Season 11 Theme

Season / Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

Fortnite Season X has just begun and it seems like we’re going to have one of the fullest seasons ever with a constantly changing map. Most recently, Neo Tilted is changed to Tilted Town, a past reference to the location where pickaxe wasn’t even invented yet which means you can’t harvest and build in the location. We will also see more changes in the near future but in a regularly changing game like Fortnite, it’s always good to look ahead and speculate on the changes we will be seeing.

As launch event of Season X, we’ve seen the Loot Lake orb exploding and a meteor right before hitting the ground. Since the orb has the ability to shift time, it definitely is the one who stopped the meteor before crashing to the ground. If you go inside the meteor, you will see the Visitor we’ve seen way back in Season 4. Could he be behind all of these things? We don’t know but it might have an impact on the next season’s theme.

Most fan theories suggest that the meteor will destroy the Fortnite island we will have a brand new map but this is a very far thought. The same thing happened when the volcano erupted and everyone thought that the entire map was going to get destroyed but since Epic Games focuses on changes to the current map rather than coming up with a new map, we don’t think it will ever happen. Also, knowing that Halloween is very close to the launch, we might see lots of Halloween themed challenges like the ones we had in Season 6 like Fortnitemares and many more!

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