Fortnite Season 9- A Volcanic Eruption?

News, Season / Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Season 8 of Fortnite will come to an end in May 8th, this means Season 9 will start in May 9th if there wouldn’t be any delays. Though it is unlikely for a delay to occur but we have some examples of it in the past. Currently, we have no hints or leaks about the Season 9 so it’s hard to speculate the theme of Season 9 might be. But we have confirmation on one thing. The volcano on the map is going to erupt. When we heard this, we were super excited. Finally, the volcanos are going to do something other than hurting you when you step on it. After the recent patch update, leakers datamined the files once again and came across to some volcano eruption sound files. We don’t know the scale of the eruption but a volcanic eruption seems like it’s going to be first large scale Fortnite event in the history.

There are many theories about the volcanic eruption. Some even claim that the volcanic eruption will destroy the existing map, forcing Epic Games to come up with a brand new map. Although this is unlikely, considering the time and energy put into the creation and the story behind the current map. We speculate that if Epic decides to make it a larger-scale volcanic eruption, all parts of the map could be affected by earthquakes that caused by it. These earthquakes might split the island in the middle thus, creating new POI’s(Point of Interest). We could see some a few bridges down the line with the Season 9 update but all of these are nothing but a theory. Even though the destruction of the existing map sounds a bit crazy, it might happen because Epic needs to step up its game. Fortnite lost a lot of players after the release of the new battle royale, Apex Legends and those gone players are not coming back as they find most things pretty much the same. An entirely new map could mean some big changes, they could even upgrade visuals if they come up with a new map.