Fortnite Season 9 Map Changes, New Locations!

Updates / Monday, May 13th, 2019

Season 8 of Fortnite came to an end on May 9, leaving behind a volcano eruption, wiping out half of Retail Row, destroyed Tilted Towers, and cracked the ice in Polar Peak. Even at the beginning of Season 8, these events were predictable thanks to the data miners that were trying to leak every single thing they could find. One thing to love about Fortnite is that whenever there is a major change to the map, even if its a destruction of a certain playable area, it is replaced by something that the players will love even more. Without further ado, here are the two new locations that you will find yourself in Season 9!

Pressure Plant

Pressure Plant looks like somewhere out of a horror movie where the big corporations run secret experiments. It is on the erupted volcano seeming to be designed to consume the leftover energy from it. It features a lot of volts you can loot from. Although the location is relatively small, you can get your hands on some pretty good items at the beginning of the matches. The tier is unknown at the moment but it looks like Pressure Plant is going to be a crowded place.

Neo Tilted

Neo Tilted is the spot where it fills the emptiness of Tilted Towers and Retail Row. Since it was obvious for Epic to replace these two locations with something new, we got this in our hands. Neo Tilted is a futuristic looking city completed with Mega Mall and Pizza Pit inside. Also, we can see the Durrr Burger outside of the Mega Mall, completing the Food Fight restaurants. It is such a cool thing to see Epic replacing new locations with additions that we’re already familiar with.

You will find yourself lots of loot in Neo Tilted with since it is one of the largest locations in the island. It’s surrounded by Slipstreams which is the new way of transportation that allows you to travel at high speeds thanks to the wind it produces. You can even change directions while traveling between the Slipstreams. What’s even better is that you can travel with Projectiles and Vehicles!