Fortnite Season 9 v9.01 Update, What We Know So Far

Game / Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

The first Fortnite Battle Royale after the Season 9 launch is set to be released tomorrow, May 15 and here are the upcoming features we know so far.

Epic Games, the company behind the title is notoriously known for putting out new content every week and fixing the ongoing issues so quick that either the community don’t even know about or don’t get frustrated by the bugs because they know that it will reach to a fixation soon. When you get this much of updates over short periods of time whether they are about new additions to the game or fixes, people will be curious about what’s next. Thankfully, Fortnite community is lucky to have such great data miners that let us take a peek at what will be seeing once the updates go live.

Although it’s debatable if data mining is a good or bad thing, here are the highlights of what will be seeing with the Fortnite v9.01 update that will be released tomorrow.

Fortnite x John Wick Collaboration

According to the data miners, we are getting a brand new John Wick skin with this update and a set of challenges to complete. Those of you aren’t familiar with the John Wick, the third film of the series will be releasing on May 17 in the UK and USA. Since the movie has a wide audience, Fortnite x John Wick collaboration will be something delightful for fans of both sides.

We made an entire post revealing what will be seeing with the v9.01 update related to John Wick collaboration. You can click here to visit the post.

Tactical Assault Rifle

The in-game newsfeed was updated today to reveal the Tactical Assault Rifle which will be out with the update tomorrow. It uses light ammo and seems to be having a fast rate of fire that could be lethal in close quarters as the description of the weapon reads, “This robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters.” Even though this is an assault rifle, it looks like it will fall somewhere between an SMG and a traditional assault rifle.

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