Fortnite Season X Battle Pass

Season / Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Fortnite Season 10 or X, whichever you call it, has just begun and this season is going to be unlike any other with an overall improved Battle Pass, constantly occurring map changes, and surprises to come throughout the season. The previous season ended with the fight off between the Pressure Plant robot that was built by Fortnite residents, and the giant monster that was spotted in Polar Peak.

Strangely, an orb was added to the game and, the robot used it to punch the monster, smashing it the ground and resulting in its death later on with an unexpected sword. Right after this happened, the orb stayed at Loot Lake for almost a week, transforming at times, shining brighter than ever. Eventually, at the start of Season 10, the orb exploded, consuming anything in its way and created some sort of passage that time is different for the things that are inside of it.

Now that we’re done with the backstory to it, we can dive right into Season 10 Battle Pass. Just like the previous seasons’ pass, Fortnite players are able to purchase it for 950 V-Bucks or they can go with the bundle which will cost them a whopping 2800 V-Bucks; but it can be worth it since it unlocks the first 25 levels, giving the holder a huge advantage to complete the entire thing till end of season.

If you manage to unlock everything in the Battle Pass, in the end, you will receive the Legendary outfit, Ultima Knight which is one of the best skins we’ve seen so far in the entire history of Fortnite Battle Royale! All of the pictures above display not only the outfits but the Loading Screens, Emotes, Gliders, Back Blings, and V-Bucks you can earn from the Battle Pass.

Here are all the Season X Week 1 challenges you need to know to level up your Battle Pass!

  • Deal 500 damage opponents with Shotguns
  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents from above
  • Deal 1000 damage to opponents in a single match
  • Deal 500 damage with Sniper Rifles…

Complete list of all Week 1 challenges