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Gameplay, Season / Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Fortnite Season X map changes are the hottest topic in the Fortnite community at the moment. Since the changes to the map occur once in every three months or so, this time we had to wait a little less than that. Previously, the volcano erupted and the new futuristic theme added to the Fortnite island. Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, and Slipstreams became a part of every day Fortnite. Now that it’s all behind us and kind of outdated, let’s dive into what to expect with the seasonal change.

Loot Lake and Pressure Plant

Season 9 ended with the fight against the giant monster that was first spotted in an iceberg in Polar Peak. Fortnite residents built a huge robot by using the energy coming from the erupted volcano. Pressure Plant, the location that sits right on top of it went from this,

to this.

The community began theorizing what the robot was there and connected it with the monster that was spotted a while back and suddenly disappeared. This obviously meant that something related to two was going to happen, otherwise, why would there be a huge robot being built in the first place!

Eventually, the fight began and the robot came victorious. However, this wasn’t enough to be a highlight right beside the orb that robot held to empower its punch to the monster. The Loot Lake orb was suddenly activated in some sort and started shining brighter each Fortnite day. Now that Season 10 / X is here, the orb exploded, literally eating anything that comes to its way.

It was revealed that the orb had some sort of powers that allows it to play with time and this applies to the theme of Season X, “Out of Time”. Later on, it was announced by Epic in the trailer that new locations will be emerging once in every two days which is revolutionary for any battle royale title. Also, the leaks suggest that we will see Neo Tilted being replaced by Tilted Town which will have a wild west theme. This makes sense, after all, the orb has the ability to control time so why not set the futuristic place a thousand years back?

On top of all these, we saw the big return of Dusty Depot, and this hyped the community on a big scale even though the location had only three chests and a handful of loot.

Although these are it for the map changes, it is for now since we will see many more to come. If the season goes the way that Epic stated, we will see more than 40 locations being shifted in the ways that you’ve never imagined before. Stay tuned for the upcoming map changes!

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