Fortnite servers are back up!

News / Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

When the date came for Season 7 to launch, Epic Games stopped matchmaking and servers were down for maintenance job. People were already aware of the fact that this update was going to be something big as Epic hasn’t done something like this for a while. We know that the theme will be snow and winter but this obviously wasn’t the reason for Epic to put the servers down for maintenance. The reason for this was possibly the new Creative Game Mode. This game mode will let you create your own games but with more flexibility than the Playground mode. It’s essentially like the creative mode in Minecraft but with the Fortnite’s touch on it.

After 3-4 hours or so the servers got back up, Season 7 started and we got ourselves the long-awaited Creative mode. Players who had Battle Pass was able to play in the mode for 7 days before it was available for everyone. Though Epic got some criticism for this, it seemed like they didn’t care at all as it was for a short period of time.

Long story short, downtime of servers have been lifted off and everyone is able to play Fortnite. If you are currently having problems connecting to servers are wondering if it’s something because of your gear, you can always check the official server status page of Epic Games. Click the link below to visit the page.