Fortnite Solar Array

Updates / Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Solar Array in the snow, jungle, and the desert challenge is the latest Fortnite weekly challenge in the ninth week of Season 9. Although most challenges that come once a week like this can be hard to finish, this one is similar to what Fortbyte challenges require you to do.

You simply need to locate and navigate to three of these solar arrays in three different locations. Since we got our biggest clue in the description of the challenge, you need to head over to the snow, jungle, and the desert which are the three main parts of Fortnite island. Also, this challenge is staged, meaning that you will have to play three different matches where you locate a different Solar Array in each match.


The Solar Array in the snow is located in Frosty Flights, right behind the red colored airplane hangars.


The second up in this weekly challenge, the Solar Array can be found in the Sunny Steps. Since Sunny Steps isn’t all that huge, there is a change for you to see the Solar Array directly but if you miss it, just head over to west part of the location.


Lastly, the Solar Array is located in the desert biome can be found near the John Wick mansion. It is located on a hill just outside of Paradise Palms.