Game / Saturday, March 31st, 2018

Just like any other online video game, Fortnite has forums for players to come together for information sharing and to enjoy being part of a large community like Fortnite. Most websites that cover videogames have forums for each game but none of them are as populous as Epic Games own Fortnite forum. It is run and operated by the developers themselves and you can get the latest information and announcements from Epic Games there. There are guides, tips, suggestions you can make to Epic Games, threads to find play buddies, bug reports, fan arts, pretty much anything related to Fortnite even a slight bit. You can click here to redirect to Epic Games Fortnite forums.

Other than this and other forums that are available to join, Reddit is a good option. Although everything is in one giant place, people seem to be liking it that way. The community on Reddit is very friendly and helpful towards newbies. We have covered Reddit in one of our earlier posts and shared the useful subreddits there. You can click the link below to visit the page.

Fortnite Reddit