Game, Gameplay / Friday, January 26th, 2018

Unlike other battle royales, Fortnite’s gameplay is funky, cartoony and mechanical at the same time thanks to its building system. Players are able to gather resources to not only for combat for building as well. After each battle, what it leaves us with almost looks like a modern art theme that looks chaotic and mind-boggling at the same time.

Although there are only three slots for resources and four or five different types of builds, it has everything you need. It might look confusing and hard at first to build those massive structures when fighting or use it for your advantage, builds you try to do always land in where you think it will be. You can create massive walls to cover yourself from enemy fire to a spiral staircase to reach out a chest that seems inaccessible. Once you get the feel of it, you will realize how much freedom it gives you and how much your own personality comes out in what you build.

Although gun-play of Fortnite is kept simple and easy unlike its chief rival PUBG, it makes sense to keep it simple. As players can get closer to each other with the builds they do, it’s more about how to out-build your enemy rather than out-shooting them. This is probably the only spot where Fortnite shines and the most popular reason why people keep playing it. It almost feels like a strategical game but faster and funkier. If your playstyle is more casual and focuses more on having fun while with some friends, Fortnite is your go-to game. However, things can get a little bit competitive over time due to the nature of battle royale games. We highly recommend giving Fortnite a chance if you haven’t tried it yet.