Cheats / Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Usage of cheats/hacks has been a big issue ever since gaming became more popular amongst people. We see more cheats in FPS games than any other videogame genre. After the rising of the battle royale genre, players have witnessed a lot of cheats. And Fortnite took its piece of the pie from it as well. The most common cheat used in Fortnite is aimbot, although there are many other types of cheats such as wallhack, speed boost, no recoil, infinite ammo, anything that you could imagine as a cheat. Fortnite has it all.

Cheats have become a huge problem in the game and Epic Games had to take some action against it to maintain the happiness of players. Epic tried their best to keep the cheats away from the game with some anti-cheat software in the process but their hatred is something big against players who use cheats, even if its a 14-year-old boy. Epic brought legal action against a 14 year old kid for operating two YouTube channels actively distributing and promoting Fortnite cheats. Epic seems to be never stepping down on their fight with cheats, even if it means filing lawsuits against teenagers.

As we mentioned about the popularity of cheats reached a point where it was very overwhelming for players but it brought some funny moments along with it as well. This led to the famous Noob vs Pro vs Hacker compilations on YouTube. FFM(Funny Fortnite Moments) channel has the highest viewers when it comes to epic Fortnite moments. It is also supported by the developers. You can watch their playlist from the video below.