How To Win A Fortnite Game The Correct Way

Support / Monday, April 16th, 2018

In this Fortnite article, we will breakdown the ways you need to follow in order to win a Fortnite game. Whether you are an experienced playing haven’t played for a while or just getting started with Fortnite, these tips should get you at least a few wins every day you play.

First and foremost, landing spots are one of the key things when it comes down to winning a game. If you land in a place where it’s more populous than other areas on the map, your experience in each game may be short. If your aim is to improve your shooting skills or just try to have fun by killing other players, then landing in one of these populated areas might be the best option for you. However, we will focus more on how to win a Fortnite game. We will discuss everything from the drop to the last circle.

It may not apply to every match but always look for landing in the outskirts of the map or in places where you would encounter fewer players in the first circle. We notice that especially in the last update of Season 8, after the first circle or so there are 25-40 players left each game. The point of landing in a quiet spot is to avoid early gunfights if you don’t need them. This allows you to loot faster and look for the weapons that fit your playstyle. Especially if you are just getting started with Fortnite. But, there should be games where you focus more on the gunfight to improve your building skills while combatting an enemy player.

Our next big tip is that you always maintain a high-ground once you’re done looting. After you get the necessary tools to fight, always be on top of your enemy as it provides a clear line of vision and superiority in gunfights. If you encounter a player who’s good at building you will notice that they will always try to get on top of you in order to take you down. To maintain a high-ground over your enemy, you must be good at building. Before you are ready to win a Fortnite game we recommend you spend at least a few hours just practicing your building skills. After you feel comfortable enough, you will realize how important it is.

This perhaps what makes Fortnite so different from other battle royales. It isn’t all about shooting skills. You will realize how your own personality comes up in what build. Building is probably the best feature of Fortnite and we always recommend that you focus on improving your skills. These tips alone will not make you a pro player overnight if that’s what your aim is. It takes thousands of hours to become great at the game but if you want to play casually while getting some wins along the way, focus more on building and than shooting.