New Fortnite Weapons 2019

Gameplay / Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Epic Games wants to expand its weapon arsenal before launching Season 9. So far we can say that at least 8 to 10 new weapons will arrive before the launch of next season. Most weapons that have been added to the game were regulars such as an Assault Rifle, an SMG, Sniper Rifle, and a Shotgun. But with the latest update, we got ourselves the Explosive Crossbow. It is very similar to the crossbow that could be found in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but with some explosivity in it. We already have a crossbow in the game but it can shoot up to 5 arrows in one take but this new addition to the game will be able to shoot and reload just like the Pump Shotgun. It has a high DPS just like it but a long reload time. We expect it to hit live servers very soon.

Other than the Explosive Crossbow, we got a brand new Tactical Assault Rifle(Legendary). According to Epic’s explanation, it is fully automatic, flexible, and capable of handling all types of combat scenarios. This legendary weapon has a high rate of fire with great accuracy.

FPS lovers might be familiar with the newest SMG, the FN P90 in Fortnite Battle Royale. FN P90 or P90 is a very popular SMG in all kinds of FPS videogames and it’s finally on Fortnite as well. It consumes a lot of ammo while dealing great damage. It is such a good weapon when you find yourself in a run-and-gun situation. It is also an accurate weapon when you fire short bursts in mid-range combats.

We mentioned Pump Shotgun earlier and we know that a lot of people either love it or hate it. Maybe Epic found a way to find something in between and released the new Heavy Shotgun. It is basically same as the Pump Shotgun but with a large magazine and can fire shots in medium range unlike it. It comes in two different rarities, epic and legendary.

Not so long ago we got ourselves the Infantry Rifle, similar to that we now got the new sniper rifle No-Scope Hunting Rifle. It is a powerful and accurate weapon but has a very slow rate of fire. The best thing about this new weapon is that it can pierce through multiple enemies if you land the shots correctly.

So far, we are loving the new weapons Epic Games has released and can’t wait to try all of them out. We expect more new weapons as Season 9 is coming closer. According to the remaining days in the Battle Pass, we can say that there is now less than a month left for Season 9 to start if Epic doesn’t delay the seasonal start.