New Game Mode

Updates / Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Fortnite has a lot of game modes and the most popular one amongst them is the limited time modes or LTM for short. There is always a rotation between the LTM’s every other week. Sure, new ones are being added but for the most part, we just see rotations.

Food Fight is one of the newest additions to it. 50 players on each team are responsible for protecting the mascot head in their side of the fictional restaurant, Durrr Burger or Pizza Pit. The map is divided into two with a wall that counts down from 5 minutes until disappears and the battle begins. The goal is to destroy the enemy restaurants mascot in order to win the game. Players will respawn in 7 seconds and the respawn amount is infinite.

It is very crucial for you to build immediately around the mascot head and build complex barriers. As two teams will come face to face in the very beginning it’s very important for players to protect and aim for the enemy teams mascot. As you will respawn you can go into the enemy base to take them down and try to deal some damage to the mascot head. Loot in this map has been increased. Building resources found on the ground increased by 20 to 50 and 100% extra resources from gathering. Also, there are some restrictions on weapons as well. There are no explosive weapons or throwables in this game mode. Although, dynamite still can be found in some parts of the map. Players cannot select the team they want to be part of. It will be selected randomly to either Durrr Burger or Pizza Pit. You can check the trailer for this LTM below.