New Map

Game, News / Friday, January 26th, 2018

Unlike its biggest competitor PUBG, Fortnite sticks to changing the existing map instead of releasing new maps over time. So far, PUBG has released three maps other than the original one that was launched with the release of the game. This had a lot of benefits at first but over time as the player count dropped significantly after the release of other battle royales, matchmaking took a lot longer usual. Even though Fortnite has the largest player base of all times, it didn’t take that step. With the launch of each Season, there are new changes to the map. Epic Games design lead Eric Williamson spoke to RedBull about a second map saying, “A second map isn’t off the table, but it’s not something we’re focused on right now, we had a pretty big map update earlier this year that added a bunch of new points of interest and changed up the game in a pretty big way. And then more recently, we added Lucky Landing, another new POI.” We would like to remember you that this was back in April 2018. It’s been almost a year now and there is no news about a new map. I guess we can say it’s still something off-topic for Epic Games right now.

Many fans want a new map, but Epic almost brings a new entire map since there is a new theme each season. It keeps most of the existing features and changing/adding new features along with the subject of the theme. Also, Epic brings more to the table than PUBG with the game changes. As with the start of each season, a new theme begins and the limited game modes rotating regularly don’t bore the fans with the existing map. It makes sense when we consider these factors and then compare it with the PUBG. Which has the largest number of maps when it comes to battle royales.