New Fortnite Weapons

News, Updates / Monday, March 12th, 2018

Fortnite has a very large weapon arsenal, that perhaps because there are no attachments for weapons and if you want to get a certain attachment like a scope or suppressor, you need to find a weapon that already has that attachment. Unlike its biggest rival PUBG, weapons found in Fortnite have rarities like uncommon, common, rare, epic, and legendary. As the rarity of the weapon you found goes up, DPS (damage per shot) and damage increases while the magazine size stays the same for all. 

Over the seasonal changes, we have seen many additions to the arsenal. Fortnite’s new weapons are not only limited to regular FPS guns. There are many different types of weapons like Pirate Cannons, different throwables, and even a Shopping Cart. Since Fortnite is trying to maintain its funky and ever-changing gameplay, we expect to see more different unexpected and somewhat weird weapons in the upcoming updates. So far with the launch of Season 8, we have seen a Pirate Cannon that launches the player in the air like a cannonball.

Other than the additions in the start of Season 8, even though it isn’t exactly like a ‘weapon’, Epic introduced us to planes that could actually fire rounds while flying. If we put all these vehicles/weapons aside, after the launch of Season 7 there have been only two weapons added to the game. Infantry Rifle and Flint-Knock Pistol added to the game in Season 8. Amongst these two Infantry Rifle is a standard assault rifle, however Flink-Knock Pistol is a bit funky. If you ever played a game with it, you will realize just how much OP and fun it is. You can check the short trailer TwoPunchPower made below.

Epic Games keeps expanding the weapon arsenal of Fortnite non-stop. There are rumors that there will be more weapon releases with the launch of Season 9 as it gets closer and closer. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming features!