Game / Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Fortnite is an online battle royale developed by Epic Games. Since the early days of its release, Fortnite has been suffering from cheat/hack usage. There were a lot of cases where Epic tried to stop or limit the usage of hacks but they all seemed to be unstoppable at some point in time. This led to many video compilations on YouTube where players raging towards hackers and getting killed by them. Some people could stand against them but they were all pros. Of course, this opened up rooms for another type of content on YouTube, Pros vs Hackers went on for a while. Since this is a battle royale and people love being competitive as well as making comparisons. Content creators added the noobs in between and we got ourselves the Noob vs Pro vs Hacker. That is the back story of those compilations you see on YouTube. You can watch one of our favorite Fortnite YouTube channels FFM’s (Fortnite Funny Moments) compilation below.