Fortnite Not Working

Support / Friday, February 15th, 2019

After patch updates, you may experience some troubles launching Epic Games client to run Fortnite. The main cause of this is mostly not installing the game files properly. To get the bottom of this issue you need to make sure that your drivers are all up to date. Try a driver detection software to download the latest versions available. After this is done uninstall Epic Games client and reboot your device. Install it back again and it should be done.

However, if you are able to launch Epic Games Client but can’t launch Fortnite Battle Royale, you may need to verify the game files in via client. Open up Epic Games Client and click library. You should see a cog right under the displayed picture. Click on it and select verify. This may take a while but what it does is, making sure you don’t have any corrupt or missing files to launch the game. After this is done reboot your device again and launch Fortnite.

These fixes alone should resolve your issues but if you are trying to do this with a low-end PC, you may need to do some adjustments involving your graphics card. Most of these adjustments are available for Nvidia users but if you own an AMD or an Intel graphics card, you can optimize them using other tools. We have made a guide on this topic in one of our earlier posts. You can not only get a solution for the issue you’re having but increase the FPS you get and the overall performance of your device as well. Click here to visit How to Increase FPS Guide.