Season 8

Season / Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Pirate themed Season 8 of Fortnite has officially begun. It brought alone some brilliant new items added to the map including a Pirate Cannon! You can now damage enemy locations or structures by firing a cannonball, yourself or even a teammate. Pirate Cannons have two seats, one for the driver and one for a human cannonball. The driver can wheel the Cannon by walking, running or with a slight push by pressing the jump button.

Also, the driver can aim and fire infinite amounts of cannonballs. Human cannonball can either hide in the cannon’s barrel or fire themselves out. It can be fired by the driver as well. Once fired, the human cannonball put into a spinning state with no control over the direction of travel. It will keep spinning and traveling until it collides with the ground. Most objects will break when collided during the flight. However, some can stop the player, causing them to fall to the ground. Pirate Cannon have a guaranteed spawn. It can be found in the Lazy Lagoon or one of the Pirate Camps.

Other than this brand Epic Games have added new locations to the game just like any seasonal change. After the icy and snowy theme Epic introduced us to a Volcano spreading its lava on the side of a mountain. This lava will deal 1 damage once you touch it and bounce you off the surface. The result of the volcano there are Volcanic Vents that boosts players into the sky.

If we put the new items and new locations aside, long-awaited 50V50 LTM is back! It was one of the most popular limited-time game modes ever and Fortnite players will celebrate the launch of Season 8 with it. Along with 50V50, another LTM, Close Encounters is available for a short period of time. Players will fight with shotguns&jetpacks in close quarters.

Season 8 started with many visual bug fixes. After all, there are few major bugs that exist in the game since the launch of the previous season. So far we can say the new season of Fortnite will be amazing and fun as usual but it will cause shorter matches since there are many items that focus on aggressive playstyles.

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