Unblock Fortnite Everywhere

Support / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

After the rising of Fortnite, a lot of places have prohibited accessing the game servers via blocking them on the network. Most places who have done this are public libraries, schools, and ‘concerned’ parents. It is understandable if a player has reached a point where the game affects their daily life and wants to play the game constantly. Though these blockages are easy to overcome, many people don’t know how to do it. There are many ways to do it but if you are a basic user and don’t know about how the networks function, we suggest you use a VPN or a proxy setting to change your IP address.

There are many free-to-use VPN software available on the web. Some of them might not be useful in the criteria we are looking for but if you get your hands on a premium version of a popular VPN, things will work better with less latency while playing the Fortnite.

However, in some cases, if the country you are the residence of has blocked Fortnite entirely as China did, you might have to use a powerful VPN source to overcome this issue. We highly recommend you do some searchings on the web to look for the best VPN source available for you. There are many VPN’s but we highly recommend you check out NordVPN as it provides military-grade encryption and security. It makes sure that the Chinese government and other third parties will not be able to know your true location and identity.