Vehicle Timed Trials

Season, Support / Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

The final challenge of Season 6 is begging with the Vehicle Timed Trials weekly challenge. Players have to get to at least three of these locations to complete the task. Although it sounds bad and hard at first, if you know where you need to go it’s actually one of the easiest challenges ever. This challenge is very similar to non-vehicle trials in the past as you go to a location, start the trial and get to the markers in order to complete it. We highly recommend that you get your hands on a vehicle first before starting the trial. You can try to complete it on foot but it isn’t very realistic.¬†

After you obtain a vehicle, time starts ticking and you need to get to the next timed trials locations. There are 5 of them in the map, we will include the locations down below of this article. Once you start the trial, a series of flags will appear for you to get to them before the time expires. It is very straightforward and you shouldn’t be having any troubles seeing the flags or where you need to go. These steps are not hard at all the biggest hardship in this challenge is finding the trial itself and securing a vehicle. After you start it, you will be able to get it done easily.¬†

Vehicle Timed Trials Locations 

  • Northwest of Junk Junction
  • Northwest of Lazy Links
  • Northeast of Flush Factory
  • Southwest of Lonely Lodge
  • East of Dusty Divot

Other than this challenge there is one other where you need to find the Camel, crashed Battle Bus, and the Viking Ship. Click here to check our guide on that.