Winning a Fortnite Game With Only One Kill

Gameplay / Monday, April 23rd, 2018

There are many unusual ways players have won games other than traditionally facing the enemy and gunfighting. We tested this and had a blast to be honest. Someone suggested that we try the zone as our primary weapon and use it against players without actually getting a kill but that never worked out. The only way for this to work was to trap the enemy by building but this is very hard since they would start shooting directly at us once we got closer. So we decided to play hide and seek in a solo game til there was only one other player left. Our main goal was to trap them outside of the circle but that is as hard as it sounds. If you could manage to get to this phase with an inexperienced player, it would be easy but we are talking about the top 2 out of 100 players. None of the players we faced in the last two standing wasn’t inexperienced enough for us to trap.

Out of 20-25 games that we played actually only two times we managed to get this done successfully. Even though it was a hard thing to achieve, we had a blast while trying. I encourage anyone who’s kind of gotten bored of the traditional battle royale matches and wants to try something new. You can even start recording and start your own YouTube career based on this. It is a very fun experiment to do. We especially recommend this to Fortnite veterans as they are familiar with the mechanics of the game.