World Cup Solo Standings

News / Monday, July 29th, 2019

Fortnite World Cup Solo tournament is the biggest e-sport event of this year so far and it is highly likely that it will stay this way for the rest of the year. What differs Fortnite World Cup event from any other e-sport event is its prize pool. When Epic Games announced that the prize pool was going to be a $100 million in total for the tournament, it was proved the whole world that e-sports wasn’t a joke anymore.

In the solo finals, a total of 6 games have been played to determine the winner. Bugha, a 16-year old that plays for Sentinels took the first spot and went home with a whopping amount of $3 million. His performance in the first game that earned him 19 points, giving him a good lead on all players and eventually reaching the first spot after the sixth game while Psalm places in the second spot, leaving with $1,800,000, and EpikWhale as third and earning $1,200,000 from the tournament.

Fortnite World Cup Solo Standings are listed below.

PlacementPlayerEarned Prize
1st Bugha $3,000,000
2nd Psalm $1,800,000
3rd EpikWhale $1,200,000
4th Kreo $1,050,000
5th King $900,000
6th Crue $600,000
7th Skite $525,000
8th Nayte $375,000
9th Riversan $300,000
10th Fatch $225,000

Game 1 Winner: Bugha
Game 2 Winner: Skite
Game 3 Winner: Dubs
Game 4 Winner: Psalm
Game 5 Winner: Kreo
Game 6 Winner: Crue